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pedal troubleshooting [Jul. 26th, 2007|02:04 pm]
non-traditional violinists

A week or two ago I bought a guitar pedal for my electric violin. It was working great until today. Now it's not distorting the sound and the little red "on" light isn't turning on. I've tried four different batteries, but it still won't turn on. Does anyone have any other ideas? The pedal is a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone.
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(no subject) [May. 7th, 2007|08:37 pm]
non-traditional violinists
Any suggestions on how to strengthen my pinky finger?  ...It's terribly weak and I don't know of any kind of exercises for it.

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what do I do!? [Apr. 30th, 2007|06:03 am]
non-traditional violinists

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Hello violinnovators!

I have a brand-new keyboard amp with chorusing and reverb, and a mostly-brand-new electric violin, and I am trying to figure out just what to do with it all. What kind of bands do you play with? What kind of effects pedals/boxes do you use, and why? Jazz? Rock? Are there any recordings that inspire you?

I've been playing classical for fifteen years at this point, and most of my "gigs" at this point are weddings and church-related events because I'm too good for community orchestras and not good enough for symphonies. Now I want to have some fun. Tell me what you do!
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(no subject) [Jan. 27th, 2007|02:38 pm]
non-traditional violinists

What type of strings would people here recommend for an electric violin?

I've not changed the strings on mine since I got it but the other day the A string broke. I replaced it with one of the strings that I use on my acoustic violin (Dominants), but it's of a noticeably different guage and produces quite a different tone.

What sort of strings are best?
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I'm getting an electric violin [Oct. 30th, 2006|04:21 pm]
non-traditional violinists
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I don't know what to get. I have been playing the classical violin for 7 years and am 13. I am on book 6 of Suzuki (is that how you spell it?) and my price range is up to about $600... Any suggestions? I'm in a band-ish thing (we have an electric cello) My obsession is music so...
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Alternate tunings [Sep. 1st, 2006|09:24 am]
non-traditional violinists

[music |Rovo - Canvas]

I was struck with an odd thought last night as I was running some errands: What if I were to tune my 5-string violin so that it went A D G B E (the same as the top 5 strings on the guitar)? It was an intriguing idea, with a bunch of pros and cons:


- I'm already a pretty good guitar player and with my violin tuned this way, there are countless songs that I already know so well that, beyond a few technical issues, they would transfer almost seamlessly.

- The adjacent G & B strings make playing thirds and fourths almost trivial. Those have always been my weak point in the double-stop world.

- I can avoid using my pinky. Pure laziness here, my pinky is my weakest finger and gets tired easily.

- The pentatonic blues scales make a nice box pattern in this tuning and I do a lot of blues type soloing on the guitar. Having the violin in the same tuning would allow me to apply those same blues stylings on the violin without having to relearn the scales.


- I am a fluent sight reader on the violin. Not so much on the guitar.

- I'd lose the low C, D, E, F, and G notes.

- I'd lose most of my memorized violin tunes. Or, at least, I'd have to go about relearning them.

- Playing octaves becomes considerably more difficult. I'd have to stretch my pinky a bit extra to reach them when playing in the higher positions.

Do any of you bright folks have any advice for my before I try this? As violin strings don't come cheap, I'm probably not going to do this right away. I'm looking forward to the experiment.
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Advice please. :-) [Jun. 19th, 2006|10:23 am]
non-traditional violinists

I'm after some advice regarding effects pedals for electric violins... Basically, I'm looking for something pretty basic, little more than an EQ pedal really, but if it did simple effects like reverb and compression that would be a bonus. Are there specific pedals made for violins, or do I need to buy a guitar pedal? And does anybody have any recommendations? Which ones work well with a violin?

Also does anybody know if it is possible to use an in-ear monitor with an electric violin? As I also sing on stage, as well as playing the violin, would it be possible to use it for both?

Many thanks.
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Violin Teacher (Toronto) [May. 13th, 2006|07:03 pm]
non-traditional violinists
[music |Plus One - "Who Am I"]

Hi people, is there someone here from Toronto? I'm looking for a violin teacher. I've been playing the violin (sporadically) for 3 years - but it's not really a good training (for me - i think). we mostly play at church and it's a free lesson - but i want something that would help me improve my playing and reading the notes, etc.

Any violin students/teachers from Toronto?
by the way I inquired in Royal Conservatory - expensive AND intimidating. haha)
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Signed/Touring Band Seeks VIOLINIST [May. 5th, 2006|02:21 pm]
non-traditional violinists

We are Kiss Kiss
We are signed to EYEBALL RECORDS
We are Distributed Through w/WARNER BROTHER RECORDS
We have 2 Booking Agents, And a 3 Month National Tour This Summer!
We have 1 CD in stores, 2nd to Follow Sept. 2006

Our songs are Catchy and asseceable but w/
Odd meter,
Eastern Scales and Modes,
Maticulous Arrangment.

We are looking for a Violinist Male/Female
Ages 20-28

Please feel Free to listen to our MP3's here:
If you are interested please email us here:

Thank you so much for your time.
Hope to hear from you soon.

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Kronos Quartet Concert Tickets 4/29 - Seattle [Apr. 27th, 2006|03:17 pm]
non-traditional violinists

Just per chance any of you live in Seattle and would like to see a great quartet show, I have a pair of Kronos Quartet tickets that I need to get rid of (because of another obligation that I must attend).

Here is the Craigslist ad for my tickets:

I happen to be a violinist and I thought some of you in this community may share the same interest. This is my first time posting in this community, so please know that I am doing so respectfully and if for some reason it is inappropriate, I deeply apologize.

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