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violin help [Nov. 30th, 2007|11:08 am]
non-traditional violinists


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 Hi guys!

I have a question for all my fellow violinists, especially those that play electric violins.

About a year or so ago, I got a Shar Acoustic-Electric violin for Christmas. I love it, and it has a great sound, but for some reason, when playing lower notes, it has a tendency to make this weird buzzing sound. 
I think it may be the pickup inside the instrument thats doing this, but I'm not sure.

Anyone know what it is or how to fix it?


[User Picture]From: pstscrpt
2007-11-30 06:51 pm (UTC)
Acoustic violins will do that sometimes, too. It means something is loose, but what can vary. The chinrest clamp is a frequent culprit.
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[User Picture]From: bettyw
2007-11-30 10:32 pm (UTC)
Can you clarify: is it buzzing acoustically, or only electronically (i.e., sounds fine unplugged, but the buzz is coming out the amp when plugged)? If acoustic, then yeah, something's loose somewhere - check chinrest, fine tuners, cable jack, etc. If electric only, you might need to tweak the EQ.
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